“The Slime Lab” Kit

Price: 350 EGP

Category: Science

Partner: Steam Hubs



Now, you can create your own slime at home. The different kind of slimes include the regular one, glow in the dark slime, and conductive slime. This kit is developed by STEAM Hubs

Kit Contents

  • Needed science tools including chemicals, eye goggle, Neodymium magnet, iron powder, simple electricity tools, beaker, gloves, Marker, labels, and other science tools
  • Doodle Package, to recycle and color it
  • Instructional guide book
  • Precaution guide for your safety

You Will Learn About

  • Magnetism
  • Polymers
  • Some electrical circuit basics
  • Photochemistry
  • Chemical reactions
  • How to do slime light in the dark
  • How to make slime eats metals
  • How to make slime light up a lamp