This is our call to the masterpiece, the soul of MAKER FAIRE CAIRO ‘21 and by that we definitely mean you.


A Maker is an enthusiast of DIY/DIT(Do It Together) with a great attitude for sharing knowledge and information.
Makers build up stuff they need or just because it’s fun and prefer to create instead of just consume.
Makers use a variety of tools and techniques, analog and digital, both traditional or cutting edge; and the web is the most important one!


You are one step away from becoming a part of the biggest Making event to hit the Makers community in the MENA region. Register now to help bring your project to light and have the opporunity to show everyone what you are capable of MAKING. So are you "as a Maker" ready to spread the movement and inspire others to find their Making passion with your creative ideas and cool projects. Opportunity doesn't wait for anyone and right now it's knocking on your door. Build, Create, Make !

Deadline for applying is 23 June 2021